A quick bit about me. I’m 38-years-old, and I have a toddler and an infant at home. It’s awesome. I love it. But they keep me busy. Like, really busy.

This business keeps me busy too. Which is good. But then I got really busy. Which is still good. As this business grew, I started to get more work than I could handle. The best thing I could do was join forces with other talented designers and developers.

So that's what I did. Technically, Ampersand no longer exists. But, in reality, it just got better. I brought in a team, and we started Red Tower.

So that's where you can find me now. Red Tower is a collective of some of the most talented designers, developers, illustrators, artists, and marketers. I can do more now than I ever could before, and without taking away extra time from my family. I hope you'll follow me there.